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Are you facing Criminal prosecution? Have you been accused of a crime? At the Law Office of James A. Bates, I have been defending the accused for 35 years.  I aggressively defend persons in the Antelope Valley charged with drug offenses, white collar crime, drunk driving, misdemeanors & felonies. My office is located at 1008 West Ave. M14, Suite A, in Palmdale.

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The law office of James A. Bates offers a free consultation to evaluate and review your specific situation, whether it involves theft, domestic violence, dui or other criminal charges. Your privacy and confidentiality will be protected and secure at all times.

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The Philosophy of James A. Bates

An experienced criminal lawyer can protect your rights, ensure you receive fair treatment, and could make a tremendous difference in your case and how it will affect you for the rest of your life. As an Criminal defense attorney, my philosophy is grounded in the strong belief that my clients should be fully informed about every aspect of their case as it progresses. You need a good attorney who will prepare your case thoroughly and who will make a strong and reasonable presentation to the court.

Being charged with any crime can be a devastating and frightening experience. This is especially true for a person who has never had to face the criminal justice system before. Suddenly, you find yourself thrust into a world you never imagined you would be a part of, and subjected to indignities you never thought you would experience. The stress of being the subject of an investigation or the trauma of being arrested and booked into a jail can truly be overwhelming.

For some people, the experience is so traumatic that it even makes them question their most basic assumptions about what kind of person they are. Fortunately, being arrested or charged with a crime is not the end of the world.

Driving Under The Influence

If you're being charged with a DUI, don't attempt to fight the battle alone. If you wait too long you may lose your rights. Example: You must call the DMV within 10 days to obtain a license hearing.

White Collar Crime

Being charged with a white collar crime can destroy a person's future. If convicted, you may be subjected to huge fines, and face a long prison sentence. James A. Bates can defend you and protect your rights.

Violence & Theft

If you have been accused of committing a violent crime such as murder, manslaughter, or aggravated assault, you are in jeopardy of receiving the most severe sentence.
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